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A holistic approach to well-being. By Amari Bodhi

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Taking on a more holistic approach to food and diet is a great step towards bettering our heath and overall vitality. A rush of energy and an awakening in ourselves will occur once we make the conscious decision to take our health in our own hands

However, so many approaches, fads and contradictory information exist out there, that it is quite natural to feel confused and overwhelmed by it all. Dealing with any kind of change involving food, detox, or fasting regimens can cause us to quit, before we have even begun.

So, here are some tips on how to get started SIMPLY and on how to use SUPER –FOODS to get you past these moments of doubt.

You can actually improve your diet by ADDING IN the good stuff. Yes, you can eat better by EATING MORE. By Adding In super nutritious foods, we start to get more out of our food, which in turn will help us to feel content and satisfied. And the best thing of all? Our UNHEALTHY CRAVINGS will disappear. By EATING MORE real food, veggies, fruits & whole grains, our body will begin to transform from the inside out. When we don’t get caught on what we cannot eat, but focus our intentions on the foods we can and should be eating, transformation will occur.

For starters, I recommend, Raw Cacao, Coconut, Aloe-vera, Goji-berries and Green algae. By inviting the power of super plants into our body, we will be well on our way to transform our physical and spiritual being from the core. Our body’s natural intelligence coupled with the intelligence of the above Superfoods has infinite healing potential for a better and healthier life.

Give your self more of the good-stuff. The rest will happen by itself.

Content by Amari Bodhi
Amari is a facilitator in the body program PachaMama and an IIN Certified Health Coach


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