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"Natural skincare, or is it?" Tips on choosing wisely.

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In today’s marketplace, we are flooded with skincare that is far from doing our skin any good. Many of us spend large amounts of money on hygiene products that claim to be good for us, but give unsatisfactory results, leaving us feeling somewhat frustrated.


Much of the skin care out there is loaded with toxic and carcinogenic ingredients that have been linked to many chronic diseases.
Our skin absorbs around 65-80% of what we feed it and acts an entrance for all ingredients to pass into the bloodstream and vital organs. So, it becomes that much more important for us to choose natural and organic products, for our skin can be stripped away by the very products that should be enriching it.

So, how do we go about choosing natural and therapeutic products that can benefit our skin and have us looking and feeling better
each day? As frustrating as it may feel sometimes, it’s not so complicated to filter through everything and choose the best possible option.

I believe the solution is quite simple.

1) If you do not recognize the ingredients, then chances are your body won’t either. Stick with things you know, or that come from a friendly recommendation and not from a major pharmacy or retail chain store.

2) If it’s edible, then it will be suitable for your skin too. This means, if it grows from the ground up and falls in the category of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, flowers and water plants, it’s a good place to start. Food-grade ingredients can always become cosmetic grade and retain their purity, but not the other way around. You wouldn’t eat Sodium Laurel Sulfate would you? ( SLS- A commonly used detergent and irritant found in cosmetics and house cleaning products known to cause harm to humans and animals, chemical compound.)

3) Choose products with a short shelf life. The longer shelf life means it is loaded with preservatives and toxic ingredients making it far from being good for your skin, despite what the product promises.

And how would you know all the above?
Educate yourself and keep up with the latest on health.
Read and compare information, as much as possible, and trust your instincts and knowing for all things natural.


Content by Raia Erica Myrian, Owner and Founder of Terra Teva Superfood




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