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Rose Hip Seed Oil. A Vitamin C powerhouse for the skin.

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If you are looking for a wonder oil that is revered for its skin benefits, then this is one you should know about.
Rose hips are the fruit of rose bushes. Fresh fruits can have more vitamin C than orange. The rose hips are valued for their medicinal use and come from two rose varieties: Rosa gallica and Rosa canina. They are native to Asia, Northern Africa and Europe. This plant has curved spines (uses them to support its growth), large pink or white flowers with a faint sweet smell. Fruits: striking red oval shaped hips (15-20 mm) form in small clusters. Each hip contains many seeds.

Rose hip fruits contain: Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, bioflavonoids (necessary to the proper absorption of the immune boosting vitamin), pectin, flavonoids, malic acid, beta-carotene, lutein, fatty and volatile oils, proteins.

If you suffer from dry skin or want to give your complexion a youthful boost then we recommend trying out Terra Teva's line of skin care that contains ROSE HIP in spades.
For Cleansing, Clarifying and Exfoliating: CACAO GLOW
For Rejuvenating and Illuminating the complexion: SUPERFOOD SERUM
For deep Moisturizing benefits: ROSE BLISS


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