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LOVEOLUTION - An All Natural Lubricant Bar. An aphrodisiac for intimate moments.


Our Natural Lubricant Bar LOVEOLUTION is an edible cacao butter aphrodisiac that enhances spontaneity and encourages sexual exploration between lovers. Designed to lubricate and expand body contact, it will draw out both you and your partner’s naturally wild side, during your most intimate moments.
Comes in 3 delicious flavors: Natural, Orange and Vanilla.

The benefits of LOVEOLUTION natural lubricant

Loveolution is safe to use both internally and topically. The raw cacao contains serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter that can elevate sexual contact to a higher and more pleasurable peak.

Unlike typical over-the-counter personal lubricants that can decrease fertility, feed Candida, kill vaginal flora, cause hormone disruption or cause cell damage, the Loveolution Aphrodisiac Lubricant bar has no unwanted side effects, leaving you free to unleash your sexual passion with absolutely nothing to worry about.

How to use the LOVEOLUTION Lubricant Bar:

To use our Natural Sex Lubricant Bar, remove the wrapper, rub the heart-shaped bar between your hands until warm and melting; then apply. Use as needed to enhance lubrication and make truly memorable intimate moments.

Completely safe if ingested.

Suitable for anyone who's looking for a passionate, exhilarating enhanced sexual experience.

50g/ .75 Oz

Key Superfood Ingredients:
Cacao Butter, Maca Infusion (Almond Oil) May Contain EO’s depending on flavor profile.

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