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How to prevent colds this season

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Fall is a beautiful season, and many times unforgettable because it is in reality
the start of the new year. It is a time to relook at things and give our life a restart by taking steps to stay flu-free, healthy and give our family and work all it needs to adjust to the new changes.

At the beginning of Fall, the weather may be still warm, but it is necessary to dress warmly so as not to get sick. Let's talk about measures which can help to prevent colds and keep us going in good health all through winter.


The first rule: Healthy eating.

Less sugar - more protein. Eat warm and comforting foods that are prepared daily rich in vegetables, broths and legumes. Stay away from processed foods and stick to foods that are vibrant and colorful.

Second rule: Hands, feet and head keep warm.

Wear scarves with the appropriate jacket. Dressing in layers helps you transition  from day to night easily.

The third rule: Wash your hands.

You can wash your hands no more than once every 6 hours. Otherwise, the skin may become dry.

The fourth rule: Walk a lot. Ventilate a room before bedtime.

The fifth rule: Do exercises.

It raises the tone, improves blood circulation and the immune system.

The sixth rule: Healthy drinks and immune boost supplements.

Cranberry juice and ginger tea are especially good. Always add lemon to tea. You can add our Superfood Extracts to your teas for added extra benefits.

Seventh rule: Try to eat local fruits and vegetables grown in your area.

Indulge in a variety of healthy greens. Also, eat apples, pears, plums, grapes. If you do not have allergies, eat more oranges.

Eighth rule: Do not forget about garlic. Although it may turn off many, garlic is a great antibiotic and keeps our body healthy.

Ninth rule: If your weakest point is the throat, you can gargle for prevention.

Chamomile and calendula are good herbs to gargle.

The Tenth rule: Avoid drafts and wear natural fabrics.

A sure protection against the cold is cotton underwear. Synthetic does not warm, but attracts cold. The same situation with sweaters - choose those in which the base is wool, or cotton for lighter temperatures, and synthetic additives do not exceed 20%.

Eleventh rule: Smoking increases the risk of getting sick. Smoking weakens your lungs and your immune system.

The main cause of a cold is short of sunlight. Always try to seek the sun out for atleast 10 minutes a day. Healthy sleep strengthens your immune system, so make sure you get enough.

Remember that the best prevention of colds is a good mood! If you see yourself coming down with something, follow these steps for optimum health and well-being. Nothing is ever guaranteed, but our actions have a lot to do with our well-being.



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