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Raia on the Beauty Way

My alchemical journey and introduction to Cacao and Superfoods began in the year 2002 in the spiritual-ecological village"Pacha Mama" in Costa Rica, during the first years of its establishment. There, I experienced a profound voyage into healing, self-acceptance and expansion of consciousness that was supported with a plethora of opportunities that were designed to shed old layers, transcend limitations and discover a deeper meaning within.

My experiences in Pacha Mama along with my journey into other communities in Central and South America led me to deepen my connection to the natural world and the sacred cycle of life.

Deep inner work and purpose were strengthened by walking on the Path of Beauty and the Red Way with a variety of medicine carriers, shamanic practices and or supported with meditations and the studies of plants, herbs and Superfoods.


Raia Erica Myrian


In the last 12 years, my work has taken a purposeful direction with the instruction and guidance of Carmen Vicente, an exceptional woman recognized by authorities of various indigenous nations in North and South America, with whom she has established permanent alliances thus consolidating her lineage as a Woman of the spiritual Path, Chief of Dance of the Sun and of the Spirits and of the Search for Vision.

With continued devotion to her teachings and this way, including Vision Quest, Spirit Dance and many other ceremonial practices, I have created a very unique altar of the heart that empowers and focuses our true intentions and personal visions. I invite you on this path towards the rediscovery of your power of origin and responsibility in these times as hosts of creation and guardians of the earth.

I offer you these points of encounter in a Cacao Ceremony filled with beauty and the power of positive manifestation and life force that will give depth and purpose to your own spiritual practice and in daily life.   ,

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