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Raia's Story

The unique alchemy of a personal journey.

Magic reveals itself when connected to the beat of the heart. My name is Raia Erica Myrian and I am a Mother of a small child, and former Rawfood Chef turned Superfood Alchemist and Raw Cosmetic Chef. By staying true to my dream, I turned my passion into a business when my daughter was just 3 months old.

  Photo Credit: Doron Nachmani


This fire was ignited one life altering moment during my second trimester. A product I bought off the shelf  labeled “Natural Facial Mask” ended up “burning” my skin and causing some noticeable topical damage. This experience was a wake up call that opened the door to a vision of natural skin-care preparation techniques which exemplified the Rawfood philosophy.
It was a simple transition for me from Rawfood to Raw Cosmetic Chef, since my experience with aromatherapy, basic natural skin care techniques and medicinal herbs was a hobby of mine, and one that was already incorporated into various aspects of my life.
 Within a short time, I would create a line of skincare that would become the foundation for Terra Teva and my personal story in a cosmetic jar.
Soon after I gave birth, and during the first 3 months of Motherhood, many friends and family visited my home to celebrate the birth of my daughter.
 Some would stay the night and pamper themselves with my new line of Superfood skincare. Even after the first application, they would notice the difference from store bought products. I ended up giving a lot of samples away for trials and gifts, and before long it became a full time occupation just to keep up with the demand.
My skincare showed signs of success from the start because it suited not only my skin, but everyone else's too. When I decided to move forward, I vowed on one simple truth: To use pure, vegan ingredients and Superfoods that were super healthy topically as they were internally.

Today, my products still rely on this simple truth and my personal experience whilst living an organic and natural lifestyle. I have been living as a Vegetarian, a Vegan and for some time, a RawFoodist for 30 years. In that span of time, I have done many detox and juice fast retreats, body cleanses and diet regimens for a healthier and more vibrant existence, and consider it a must do in everyone’s life. I have been traveling and studying this path of body exploration through food, herbs and natural medicines for most of my life, and have visited, or lived in places around the world from which I have gained valuable lessons and tools that are applied to launching each product. 


I am extremely grateful for the success of Terra Teva. It was born from a place of purity, and it’s gifts and teachings continue to push my boundaries as well as those of the raw natural skin care concept.
I continue to make everything with love, passion and integrity. All products are handmade fresh and in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.

“May we all listen to the whispers of the Universe and find our own rhythm to the beat of our heart. Only through simplicity can greatness be achieved.”
Raia Erica Myrian



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