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Raia’s top 4 Tips on applying facial oils

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If you’ve been following us, you know you should be using a face oil in your daily routine. But if you’re new to oils or have gotten mediocre results in the past, I am here with my top tips to make face oil work for you.

Face Oil Application Tips:

Tip 1
Always begin with damp skin. Apply your face oil after freshly cleansing  or spritzing with our
toner. The Superfood Oils will help hold that extra water on the skin for improved hydration.

Tip 2
Use the right amount. Experiment to see how much oil is right for your skin. Because our Superfood and plant oils contain such concentrated nutrients, a little goes a long way. One to two drops should be enough to deliver the benefits your skin needs. Our oils are rich and used only on pure ingredients and no fillers. Begin with less and work up to more oil as needed.

Tip 3
Warm it up before you apply! The best way to apply facial oil is by first warming up the amount you will apply between your hands before gently pressing it on to your face until it is absorbed.

Tip 4
If more moisture is required, this is the time now to apply your favorite Terra Teva Moisturizing cream after using your facial oil.

Follow these 4 tips and your facial oils will give you the best results. We hope they help you achieve your perfectly moisturized glow.

Ready to give face oils a try? Shop our collection – we have one for every skin concern!


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