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My personal journey with dry skin. Learning the ways of dealing with a chronic condition.

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As a child growing up in Greece, I suffered from extremely dry and cracked skin, especially on my hands. My knuckles would turn red and raw where the surface would split from lack of hydration. At the start of every Fall season, I would become sensitive to cold breezes and dropping temperatures. Later, the cold rains and bone biting winter nights would aggravate my condition, a condition that I have had to face my entire life in one degree or another.

For six months of every year, I suffer from dry skin. It has taken years to understand how to stay hydrated. Even today, dry skin can creep up on me around November in the Mediterranean and stay until springtime.

As a child, I dreaded Winter because I suffered so much physically. My skin took effort to treat because of the lack of knowledge available. I remember screaming from the sharp and burning pain that was caused by the wrong types of lotions and skin medicines (mostly unnatural!) that were applied over my deep dry cuts as a young child. I felt helpless as I endured uncomfortable treatments and doctors who knew only to prescribe pharmaceuticals that felt torturous on my skin.  There was not so much knowledge of natural remedies in my area, and most unconventional treatments came from the older generation in the area. 

Besides, I walked endlessly along the Athens suburb and got lost in the inner streets and sea shores, scouting for raw materials, plants, herbs and mystery ingredients. I read about and searched for natural treatments to help me understand the cycle of my body and its needs, so that I could respond effectively. I tried all kinds of supposed cures and experimented with various miracle creams that never seemed to help. I tried prescribed recommendations, mystery remedies, even instinctual self treatments, diets and a variety of fasts and plant based food fads. I became a vegetarian at a very young age because I saw the change to the life force in me with a plant based diet, and also how my skin responded.  
My hands were not my only problem through the years, as the dryness developed after puberty in my face and different parts of my body. In winter, my legs felt like sandpaper and I remember scratching my name into the skin's surface with my finger nails.

I understood that my body and face may need different types of tender-loving care at different times of the year. Everything is cyclical on this earth. The seasons, plants, foods and our body is also part of this rhythm. The products that we use in the summer, are different than what we will need in the winter.  Dry skin is a common ailment during the Fall and Winter seasons and many times it may feel like an impossible task to take care of. Our food changes from season to season as do the vegetables and fruits as well. Eating properly and seasonally is just as important as rotating our skincare routines so that we can avoid dry skin or other ailments that can pop up each season.

Today, I know how to take care of my dry skin before it gets to the point of discomfort. It has taken me years to understand. And it is no wonder, I also created my own line of skin care based on Superfoods and whole foods. There really is a product for every one and every skin type.
So, I wanted to share with you my nightly ritual for purifying, cleansing and replenishing my face with pure goodness. Feeling good about yourself will only take you into the realm of pure radiance. That is a fact.
As I already said, before Terra Teva was born,  I spent a lot of money on products that just would not deliver. My combat with dry skin lead me to create my first Terra Teva Product back in the year 2010. My Rose Bliss  facial moisturizer that still contains the same plus more ingredients as the original rich face cream that started it all. And it goes withour saying that I had to put some effort in creating a complete line that is my ultimate skin replenisher for dry skin. 

Look no further than Step1, 2 and 3 for a beautiful hydrated complexion.

Washing with soap during dry skin times will only add to that dry skin feeling. Your face is the most exposed part of your body and absorbs everything from makeup and sunscreen to dirt, dust, sweat, and –even the oil released from your own pores. That’s a lot of daily buildup to remove, but don’t worry, we’ve perfected the process to a Superfood enriched success!

Step 1: Peeling away the dirt and grime while exfoliating with superfoods and gentle grains is the key to a bright and sleek complexion.



Step 2: Toning and cleansing with rich berries and antioxidant herbs and plants will not only replenish your skin with food, but it will also clean, tone and give life to dull skin. The Very Berry Toner helps to remove makeup and debris from those hard-to-reach places like around the eyes, nose, and jawline.



Step 3: Lastly, while your skin is still damp, apply a soothing moisturizer.

Take a small pea size drop of our rich Rose Bliss buttery cream and apply it to your face in circular motions. It will actively rejuvenate very dry skin and moisturize it from  within for a healthy feel and look.

Bonus tip: Wash your pillowcase! Your pillow collects dirt and oils left by your skin. Be sure to change your pillowcase every week as part of your clear-skin plan. And for even finer results....a silk pillowcase works even better!

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