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Cacao Beauty Ceremony with RAIA


Journey into the heart
and create a new reality

May 4, 2019
Location: 45 minutes from Athens, Greece


Join me for the

Enhance your natural beauty
and the divine power that lies within all of us.
With a common intent,
we will gather our energies,
into a dynamic rhythm and journey into the heart
to allow a true expression of who we really are to emerge.


Cacao ceremonies vary depending on the ceremony facilitator.
People usually sit in a circle and set intentions, pray, sing together with heartfelt music or sound healing and then dance ecstatically or share as a group together.
The Cacao Beauty Ceremony is a new type of Altar created by Raia Erica Myrian, who has been under the guidance and inspiration of Carmen Vicente, Shamanic Healer and Chief of Nations who resides in Ecuador and teaches worldwide. This new Altar of the Heart led by Raia, will use Cacao in an active way in all kinds of preparations, elixirs, tonics and treats to support our journey.
It is an exciting, uplifting and deeply profound experience that takes place a safe and like-minded community.


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