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MATCHA TEA OIL Skin Detoxifier, Alkanizer and Enhancer - Normal, Dry, Mature, Combo


Our MATCHA TEA OIL is a silky-fine skin care facial product that seamlessly and tenderly balances the alkalinity of the skin with powerful antioxidants, to deliver advanced skin rejuvenation and stimulation.

Matcha Tea is a super antioxidant cup of tea for your skin! Be ready to be soothed and cared for with gentle effectiveness, using this ancient Japanese Superfood.

The benefits of MATCHA TEA OIL:

Modern science has recently confirmed what Japanese Zen buddhists have known for centuries.  Matcha tea is rich in L-Theanine, a rare amino acid that promotes a state of relaxation and well-being by creating alpha waves in the brain. Just like drinking tea, absorption of Matcha through the skin helps to lower stress levels while nourishing your skin with powerful antioxidants.

According to common belief, the Japanese tradition of drinking Matcha Tea daily was what enabled the Buddhist monks to meditate for long hours and reach a state of Zen. Today, when applied to skin care, we know that Matcha Tea significantly helps to slow down the skin's aging process and greatly benefits to rejuvenate, balance and care for your complexion with gentle effectiveness. It's unique characteristics lend itself as a Superfood and as anti-aging skin care favorite.

How to apply our Matcha Tea Oil:

Use the oil twice a day on a damp skin before applying a facial cream. Can be combined with any other product.

Aroma: Matcha Tea

Infused (ALMOND OIL) Cameillia Sinesis (Matcha)
Vitamin E Tocopherol

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