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Superfood Tea Recipe for Winter or Summer

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This  delicious Superfood Tea recipe will help you stand out in a dinner party and not only.
It combines highly nutritious ingredients with great flavor that is loved by kids and adults alike.
With a small alteration you can drink it hot or cold.
It uses fresh and raw Superfood, herbs and roots. It’s 
definitely a crowd pleaser and gets high points for flavor and nutritional value! 

1.5 liter of hot water
3 inch fresh ginger {chopped coarsely
2 inch fresh turmeric {chopped coarsely}
Half bunch fresh herbs such as mint or lemon verbena
2 Tablespoon Coconut Sugar
Handful Goji Berries
1Tbs Acai Powder
I lemon quartered with peel
Maple to taste

In a Mortar and Pestle add all  the ingredients except for the water and maple syrup.
Smash it up until all flavors and essential oils are released. You can add more coconut sugar to help with the smashing if needed
Place everything in a serving pot and add your hot water. Add the maple syrup according to taste. Let it steep for a few minutes and then serve. You may want to add a squeeze of a lemon before serving too!
I prefer not to strain my ingredients but to serve it as is. People love to snack on all the delicious pieces left behind in their glass.
You can always add a sprig of mint or squeeze and wedge of lemon to each glass for some freshness and beauty. * During summer months you can replace the hot water for cold water served in a glass with ice for a refreshingly healthy Ice Tea.


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