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Today, we are making stuffed veggies --or "Gemista"inspired by the traditional greek food of stuffing vegetables. "Gemista" means "stuffed" in greek.
This recipe is traditionally baked in the oven and never in a pot like some other stuffed vegetable dishes that originate in the Middle East. I use whole round brown rice similar to risotto style rice which I soak overnight or for a few hours. This will cut down the cooking time. Even so, you will need to bake it for at least 2 hours until the brown rice cooks through.
I use 2.5 Tbs of rice for each small to medium sized pepper. Here in this recipe there are 6 peppers and 2 small tomatoes. Not all vegetables are the same size, so this is an approximate number. Tip: You can also use bulgur instead of rice and for this you will not need to soak at all. It is a divine alternative.