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Raw Cacao is the food of the Gods and the medicine for the people that can get you off coffee for good!. It has been celebrated and honored for generations for its wholesome properties and nutritional values. It’s a multi adaptable ingredient that releases its surprises in heart full ways when blended with other incredible Superfoods. It is my favorite fruit (yes! Its a fruit!) to work with and it inspires many of my Rawfood and Skincare creations.
My journey with chocolate really started when I lived in central and south America, but more accurately in Pacha Mama an incredible Eco-Village in Costa Rica. Between the years 2001-2006, I passed some transformational and deep changes that are with me for life. A group of us, pioneers with the a heart and passion like no other I had ever come across until then, created an alternative lifestyle within 2 sq. km of pristine forest for the soul purpose of self enquiry. This village still stands today and is a beacon for all things beautiful in the human spirit.

While living there, I opened a raw shake and dessert bar which was shaded by mango trees and blessed with the sound of howler monkeys throughout the, day. The village, a vision Tyohar Kasteil was in the midst of the annual 10 day silent retreat, and my raw bar was the shake and smoothie stop on the way  to meditation practices during this deep process of transformation .
I peeled cacao beans, made nut milks and other condiments plus raw desserts and awesome smoothies daily. I had an abundance of produce and fruits each day and was flying on new drink recipes.

I created Pacha Mama’s original Cacao Shot drink there that also became an instant favorite. I spiced the cacao shot like an indian chai tea drink and originally served it to my partner as a replacement for his regular milk coffee and chai beverage. I was trying to get him off dairy and this was my way to his belly and my heart. The “Cacao Shot” was spiked with chai spices and a full bodied cacao flavor just like a good shot of espresso. It became an instant hit amongst the retreaters because of the clarity and support it gave to the silent journey and it also managed to replace my honey's daily beverage . It was raw, refreshing and rejuvenating!

Today, Cacao still plays a major role in my skin care products and I still continue to experiment and explore the endless possibilities of this awesome ingredient for internal and external uses. 
If you love Chocolate is any form, hot or cold, in a bar or in a glass, then you must try this all time favorite!


2 Handfuls of Raw Cashews or 3/4 cup)

1 1/4 cups cold water

Blend this in a Vitamix Blender until smooth.

Then Add:

4 full TBS Raw Cacao Powder

6-7 TBS Coconut Sugar

1 TBS Maca (optional)

2 TBS Coconut Oil

1 Tsp Natural Vanilla Bean or Extract

Pinch of Salt

Dash of cayenne (optional)

Blend all together until smooth and conistent for 30 seconds on high.

Next, add 12-14 good size ice cubes and blend until an icy smooth concistency. You can add more or less ice depending on preference. We serve it up cold, smooth and creamy thick! You can adjust the ice, but make sure you don't dilute the rich chocolate flavor.

By Raia Erica Myrian, Owner and Founder of Terra Teva Raw Beauty


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