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You and Me are not alone in this glamorous mess.

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I am not known for my delicate nature. I am too direct and idealistic. Over the years, I have turned down opportunities to be on Television, preferring control on the edits and final outcome . I participate when I can serve an effective position and deeper purpose than personal interests or nonsense media of trends and fads. There is too much bullshit in the world to just keep adding to the mix and be another sore in the mundane.
Everyone today can act as a journalist, and usually, the least intelligent win because we are consumers of garbage glamour. Integrity has been taken over by insanIty. The age of instant fame and the need for exposure has left us exposed to extinction. So many resources are spent on unwisely that we are depleting our collective home.
There are villages with no access to clean water while we flush our toilets with pure H2O. Communities are covered in litter that have come from faraway lands and drowning with 30 second use plastics and dumb phones that were once smart, but somehow cannot pass the test anymore. There are seas of floating consumer ‘GOODS’-enough that you can walk across miles of it. Now, we have COVID-19 that is causing havoc in people’s lives and an exorbitant amount of new waste dusted in blood and tears. And so, we have seriously lost our way and fallen far from the natural rhythm that many times it can feel that it’s gone too far. No way back.
I pray this post could reach the blocks of cement that form squares too rigid to break, and to the feet that have never walked on bare soil, and to the eyes that have never witnessed where their meat comes from, so that our children can walk with pride for generations.  We are all part of this undeniable mess and we are getting sick from it. We are the one's we have been waiting for. We are all related and now it is more evident than ever. For those that are still in doubt, you can get on the next ship and find your way back home, but last I heard the world is round, and you will end up where you started. 
I pray to wake up the sleeping and change the dream to the same universal channel that speaks the language of mankind-the kind that is kind and kindred to the birds, and to the roars of the wild cats and to the glorious prances of deers and dears with no fears. The journalist of a new world. Where nothing is wasted for instance, and where beauty is flowered and dusted in bright colors of an eternal and internal galaxy. That’s the channel I want to be featured on, for an instant, because I’m here temporarily, and my time is limited--for I am also an instant being of a larger whole. 


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