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Living by intuition through passing clouds.

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The world is changing as it always has since its inception, but today it’s more transparent than ever. Injustices, lies, power games and corruption are part of the norm. We are aware of it all, but no one is paying the price, the stakes are just too high for all those involved, with too much to lose. Governments are abusing the COVID-19 crisis to push agendas that would otherwise be impossible under normal circumstances, and people are adjusting accordingly, unemployment is at a high, domestic abuse is rampant and the mental health of otherwise ‘stable’ individuals is tested to its core. Depending on your physical and spiritual coordinates, each and every one of us is facing this unrest in their own manner according to the access and opportunities available for a better future for them and their children. I personally only know of 2 people that were diagnosed with Corona and they are both located in other countries. They both had serious illnesses and pre-existing conditions and a weakened immune system.  And by the way, one of them was wrongly diagnosed twice. So you never know the accuracy that lies behind the veil. I see the suffering on TV, but not firsthand. I am a witness to unemployment and people’s lives devoured or uprooted from its center and temperatures rising due to the boiling over of injustice actions within the system.



Whether you live in seclusion, or in a populated area, the consequences of corrupt actions have infiltrated our lives and psyche more than ever. And in all this, we desire and seek a more complete match to our most profound values. As innovation competes with the need for stability, we try to avoid moving too far, too fast.
Amidst all the bombardment of misinformation and propaganda games, it is the time more than ever to trust our intuition over simple logical reasoning, because nothing is at it seems...and your intuition —-in tune with your hearts deepest desires— can never be overshadowed by passing clouds.


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