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Throughout history and until today women have long been oppressed, but have remained dominant in the name of rituals, customs and traditions. Beauty rituals and ceremonial purification’s have existed for thousands of years and throughout all the ages, people have searched for the “fountain of youth”—the way to stay young and vibrant forever.
While the philosophy of beauty is recognized within different cultures, the various rituals and standards of beauty vary from one culture to another. 

Cacao Facial Mask in an open fire.

Women have always been the carriers of the plants and medicine’s of the earth. Having been left at home to care for their family, they were inherently led to the secrets of nature’s gifts by way of survival. They discovered concoctions, tonics and elixirs simply by trying to keep their families alive. They gathered together and shared the secrets of the earth and their recipes on health and well being. Their knowledge of the plants was not only to strengthen their body but also to enhance their beauty.
Being from greek origin, I always said it was in my DNA to give attention to beauty  and form and find a way to expres it uniquely..It is not a secret that the Greeks were lovers of the physical form associated with beauty from ancient imes. They were very in tune with the body’s natural aging process, thus they were always seeking ways to improve their appearance. The word “cosmetics” comes from the Greek word ‘kosmetikos’, originating in the 17th century.
Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, created the quintessential beauty ideal among Greek societal women. This goddess symbolized true femininity, grace and power, which perhaps influenced the Greek’s prestigious, ancient beauty rituals.



Currently, I preside in a country that I have adopted as my own and have inherently crossed the cultural divide and gone beyond my countires traditions. Part of my beauty mission is to bring a new way to empower women and awareness to the concept of beauty for the contemporary woman. I believe that beauty conscious woman of today is seeking to break boundaries and to step out of the barbie standard and find a true and alternative way to the concept of what beautiful actually means.
Many traditions and ceremonial practices have come together in the Cacao Ceremony led by @raia_beautywalk from @terrateva_rawbeauty which combines ancient ritual traditions around an open fire, guided by tribal songs, the elements, Cacao and a plethora of herbs and plants that are used to elevate our spirit and enhance our beauty. Each ceremony is a dynamic representation that is defined by each one’s own authentic form of beauty. Each woman that participates is empowered by her own strength and uniqueness in a safe surrounding.

The gathering of women together is an ancient practice of sisterhood and solidarity which honors the spirit of woman and her role as a Matriarch and nurturer of all life. Raia's Cacao Altar  invites us to enjoy the pleasures of life and allows our life to become an expression of who we really are on the inside. Cacao is a medicine that brings joy and happiness in magical ways and awakens our feelings of love to the surface. It has the power to transform us and our surroundings into a new and blissful way of living. 
If you would like to bring the CACAO ALTAR to your community DM us or for more details or follow us here for more info.


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